Loose leaf teas

With over 60 different types of teas to choose from, we know we can find you the perfect cuppa! Here are our favourites from each category of teas!

Green Tea

Sleeping beauty: Green tea laced with blackberry and raspberry flavours with a
hint of rose.
Green cherry: smooth tea with subtle underlying sweetness, combination of green tea, rose petals and cherry flavour
Japanese Green Sencha: slightly bitter, strong dense green tea

Black tea infusions

Caramel Cream: Best way to describe this tea is Butterscotch dream, Light but creamy. The perfect tea for someone trying to get into teas
Halloween Spice: Spicy, fruity Halloween in a mug all year round! Doubles as our Spiced Orange
Quariers Dream: Smokey caramel black tea.

Breakfast Tea

Yorkshire Tea: The perfect breakfast tea to start off your day. If you love a strong cuppa this is your go to!
Russian Caravan: Want a super strong tea? This right here is bomb fire night in a mug! Super smokey super tasty!
Formosa Oolong: Strong, light and great for trying different types of breakfast teas.


Cherry & Almond: Naturally decaffeinated, sweet with a hint of fruity cherry. Mostly compared to either a cherry Bakewell or Disorano liquor.

Coffee and Amereto: Coffee in tea!? What? But its true! The blend of these two beauties make for a super light cuppa.
Mint Chocolate: Fan of Aero mint? This beauty is just the tea for you! Creamy, minty but not too strong! If you ask me id say its the perfect balance!!


Egyptian Camomile: Having a stressful day? Camomile is the perfect tea to destress with. The floral notes just puts you at ease!
Yerba Mate: Caffeine Filled Herbal Beauty
Ginger Root: Strong and perfect for any Ginger lover!


Jasmine Chai: A floral kick to our house chai.
Masala Chai: This is our House chai, classic spices blended to perfection.
Green Popcorn Chai: Chai and Gree tea blend with Roasted rice and popcorn to give it that extra roast kick

Fruit bombs

Malibu Dream: Coconut anyone?? This is our fruity dream with hints of coconut to give it that tropical kick!
Teddy Bear: Fruity, strong and natural! If you love fruity flavours prepare for this. Massive blast of fruit with some hibiscus to give it a beautiful berry colour.
Very Berry: Its in the name! Dried range of berries mixed with Hibiscus to top it off! Perfect for any berry lovers

Earl Greys

Rose Earl Grey: House earl grey infused with Tuscany Rose Petals for that epic floral kick
Cream Earl Grey: Earl Grey with a creamy kick calming the floral tones down. This is the perfect introduction to Earl Grey for those who want to expand their tea collection.
Russian Earl Grey: House earl grey infused with orange peel and lemongrass to give it that Citrus kick!

White Tea

Chantily Cream: Vanilla and pomegranate infused with white tea. Bitter sweet health kick in a tea!
China Pua Ta: House white tea.